Water Monitoring
Anywhere, Anytime

Smart water monitoring system, based on Newsight's proven spectral technology, empowered by AI

Watersight’s mission is to become a major player in the mass and high-quality, remote, online water monitoring market. By leveraging its unique combination of spectroscopy and AI technology Watersight offers a powerful and affordable, end-to-end SaaS monitoring system. Watersight’s solution enables real time Condition-based Monitoring anytime, anywhere. This unique technology is based on Newsight’s proven spectral sensor, empowered by AI, to provide an accurate diagnosis of the water’s quality and security.

Compact IoT device for online water monitoring

Our Solution

Portability allows for integration at any point of the supply process, from source to tap

Small size allows for integration into smart home & smart water systems

The affordable price allows for mass deployment

IoT water 4.0 connectivity enables real-time monitoring and is empowered by big data network analytics

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