Water Monitoring
Anywhere, Anytime

Smart water monitoring system, based on Newsight's proven spectral technology, empowered by AI

A Joint Company of Newsight and Mekorot

Compact IoT device for online water monitoring


Portability allows for integration at any point of the supply process, from source to tap

Small size allows for integration into smart home & smart water systems

The affordable price allows for mass deployment

IoT water 4.0 connectivity enables real-time monitoring and is empowered by big data network analytics

Small power, small footprint

How it Works


The device learns the normal condition, while constantly taking spectral images and broadcasting them to the cloud for data analysis.


Once an Anomality is detected,
an alert notification will be generated.


Since this is a learning system, the event is tagged so that the next time this anomaly occurs, the operator knows the source of that specific anomaly.

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Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company is considered a leading, technologically advanced water production, treatment & supply company, constantly integrating cutting edge innovative technologies. Mekorot executes a broad range of activities through its technological incubator, including collaborations with entrepreneurs in Israel and worldwide, and encompassing startups, mature companies, leading academic institutions and investors. In this manner, the company encourages technological innovation and cultivates professional know- how in office & field operations, accelerating breakthroughs in water supply solutions. Mekorot central water quality lab is among top best 5 global labs, and is currently validating the technology.

Newsight develops advanced CMOS Image sensor chips for 3D machine vision and spectral analysis.
Newsight developed a spectrometer-on-chip backed by AI, demonstrated in the development kit- SpectraLIT™. The SpectraLIT™ offers a unique and affordable solution for remote health, real time diagnosis and quality inspection solutions for Water, Food & Beverage and more