Real time sensing device for Condition-based Monitoring

Based on Newsight’s proven spectral sensor, this technology allows real-time water and liquid analysis, providing current, ongoing quality data that support decision-makers in real time events

AquaRing Features

4000 images per second

400-1000nm wavelength, visible and near infra-red spectrum
1024 different wavelengths every second
Enhanced by ML and AI, the device enables diagnosis of the water’s quality, safety, and security.

How it Works


The device learns the normal condition, while constantly taking spectral images and broadcasting them to the cloud for data analysis.


Once an Anomality is detected,
an alert notification will be generated.


Since this is a learning system, the event is tagged so that the next time this anomaly occurs, the operator knows the source of that specific anomaly.


Asset management via real-time,
multi-parameter, ML backed sensing
Condition based Monitoring (CbM)
Reduced downtime
Fewer disruptions to water supply and public health
Prescriptive analytics

Specially designed for:

Municipal Water Network Monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of internal water systems
  • Detection and alarm to water quality and security indicators
  • Learning and adaptive system
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
Environmental/ Agriculture Monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of rivers, lakes and reservoirs
  • Detection and alarm to Cyanobacterial presence or other key indicators
  • Early detection with AquaRing enables treatment and bloom prevention
Effluent Monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of lakes and reservoirs
  • Detection and alarm to Cyanobacterial presence
  • Early detection with Aquaring enables treatment and bloom prevention
  • Supports decision making
Food & Beverage Process Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts on raw and process water quality prior to and during the beverage manufacturing process
  • Ongoing formulation monitoring for optimal product control
  • CIP monitoring for lower water and chemical use