Watersight Releases the AquaRing – A Complete Real-Time Sensing Device for Online Water Condition Monitoring

Water utility or beverage companies and organizations can now join the pilot program and start exploring customized use cases demonstrating the AquaRing’s unique advantages

Ness Ziona – June 15, 2022, Watersight, a joint venture company of MEKOROT, Israel’s national water company, and Newsight Imaging, a technology company that specializes in advanced CMOS image sensors for spectral analysis, today announced the official launch of the AquaRing, a complete real-time sensing device for online water condition monitoring for water, utility, and food & beverage industries.

With the goal of becoming a major player in mass, high-quality, online water monitoring, Watersight has engaged three initial industry leaders to collaborate on real time water quality monitoring applications.

The increasing demand for clean and safe water sources in recent years has led the water industry to search for solutions which are not prohibitively expensive, large, slow, and complicated, as they are today. As a result, the digital water market is showing accelerated growth, estimated to reach USD $14.5 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 13.9%.

The patent-pending AquaRing is based on the game-changing spectral technology developed by Newsight Imaging, powered by Machine Learning and AI, and supported by a cloud-based dashboard. The device provides an advanced Real-Time IoT monitoring solution that alerts based on water conditions. From source to tap, inlet to outlet, Watersight’s solution is fast, smart, and scalable at an unbeatable price.

Gilad Horn, Director of Business Development at Watersight, said: “Using Newsight’s groundbreaking technology, and under Mekorot’s mentorship, Watersight is happy to launch its pilot program for the AquaRing, giving industry leaders the ability to monitor their water and process flow in real time in a scalable and cost-effective manner.  We are inviting more visionary industrial and municipal leaders to join us.” 

Yossi Yaacoby, Vice President of Engineering at Mekorot,added: “Mekorot is proud to promote new technologies, knowing that the ability to monitor water quality in home faucets will give every household advanced capabilities. Business clients will also benefit from saving valuable time and money while constantly monitoring clean water.”

Esteban Socolsky, VP Head of R&D at Netafim: “We support our clients using upstream water filtration and treatment to ensure our drip lines are always operating at their optimal levels. Cost-effective, real-time monitoring like the AquaRing will enable us to provide our customers with a cutting-edge treatment monitoring solution at a great price point.”

Silvia Arici, Technical Specialist, and Barbara Barucco, Laboratory Technician at A2A: “A2A believes in innovation as a way to move forward.  Innovative products such as Watersight’s AquaRing give us the opportunity to improve operation activities of water quality and condition monitoring, also thanks to the fruitful collaboration of our experts with A2A Ciclo Idrico.”

The features of the AquaRing make it an ideal solution for a range of applications and installations: 

  • A Real-Time IoT learning device, powered by Machine Learning and AI. The device learns and models the desired water condition, while constantly taking spectral signatures and broadcasting them to the cloud server for immediate analysis.
  • Continuous Condition-based Monitoring (CbM). Enables customers to monitor the water condition online, everywhere, and receive an immediate alert of anomalies, potentially preventing adverse events from impacting end-users.
  • Low production cost and low power consumption. Enables mass deployment.
  • Small size, portable device. Easily integrated into current process flow.
  • Installed inline, floating or submerged.
  • 75mm~85mm diameter in size
  • Based on the NSP 1020, Newsight’s spectral chip, which supports wavelengths between 380 to 1000 nm. Enables a huge dataset for different applications, measuring a multitude of parameters in a flowing system. 

The AquaRing is now available for select customers to join the pilot program.

The pilot kit includes a set of AquaRing sensors with an installation kit and software to evaluate multiple desired use cases. Watersight will provide close support and guidance. Learn more about our pilot program

About Newsight

Newsight (http://www.nstimg.com/) develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips for 3D machine vision and spectral analysis. Newsight’s technology disrupts the world of spectroscopy, otherwise used only in a laboratory environment, into a small-sized, affordable sensor. The NSP1020 features a state-of-the-art global shutter pixel architecture consisting of a CDS mechanism, allowing for extremely high sensitivity while keeping low noise as well as low power dissipation.

About Watersight

Watersight (https://watersight.ai/) is a joint company of Newsight Imaging and Mekorot.  Based on Newsight’s validated spectral chip technology, the AquaRing is Watersight’s flagship device for online condition-based monitoring (CbM). This technology allows for real-time water and liquid analysis alerts at an unbeatable price. Enhanced by ML and AI, the device enables accurate diagnosis of the water’s quality, safety, and security.

About Mekorot

Mekorot ( https://www.mekorot.co.il ), Israel National Water Company, is considered a leading, technologically advanced water supply company at the cutting edge of integrating innovative technologies. Mekorot executes a broad range of activities through the technology incubator, including collaborations with entrepreneurs in Israel and worldwide, and encompassing startups, mature companies, leading academic institutions, and investors. In this way, the company encourages technological innovation and cultivates professional know-how in the field, accelerating breakthroughs in water supply solutions.

About Netafim

Netafim ( https://www.netafim.com/en/ ) is the world’s largest irrigation company and the global leader in precision irrigation solutions committed to fighting scarcity of food, water, and land, for a sustainable future. With 33 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing plants worldwide, Netafim offers innovative, tailor-made irrigation and fertigation solutions to millions of farmers from smallholders to large-scale agricultural producers, in over 110 countries. Founded in 1965, Netafim pioneered the drip revolution, creating a paradigm shift toward precision irrigation. Today, the company specializes in end-to-end solutions from the water source to the root zone, and offers a variety of  irrigation, open field and greenhouse projects, as well as landscaping and mining solutions supported by engineering, project management and financing services. Netafim also leads the way in digital farming, having integrated real-time monitoring, analysis, and automated control into one state-of-the-art system. In 2017, Orbia, a global leader in specialty products and innovative solutions, acquired 80% of Netafim, while Kibbutz Hatzerim holds the remaining 20%. 

About A2A

A2A (https://www.a2a.eu/it ) is the life company that deals with energy, water, and the environment. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, with over 12,000 employees, A2A is a leader in Italy in the environmental sector, from sorted waste collection to integrated waste management and material and energy recovery. The second largest energy producer in Italy by its installed capacity, A2A also manages the sale and distribution of electricity and gas, the integrated water cycle, district heating, electric mobility, public lighting, energy efficiency interventions and solutions for the development of smart cities.